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Tour and Guided visits in Granada, the old Moorish city. Do you want to do the best tour or guided visits in Granada or in Andalusia? Is it your point to understand the perception of a city without losing time and with high quality standards? That is why we recommend reviewing and evaluating all the details that make your experience just wonderful.

We are specialists in making experiences and we rely on pillars that we consider essential. Our foundation are based on respect, transparency and a close and friendly service. We work to provide excellence in the quality of service and we love to tailor each of the traveller’s experiences.

We understand as travellers that we are and that each trip is unique and we put great enthusiasm and effort into it.

Our commitment with tourists is to carry out tours and guided tours with luxury quality, prioritising quality of service and full customer satisfaction.
We want them to live and be passionate about Granada and every destination we operate in Andalusia, in the way we do. In Granada Alternativa we set up a team that works so that our visitors live unique experiences in Granada.


Our main value is the close and personalised attention, we offer in all our tours and activities in 6 different languages.
In this way, we allow any traveller who got through Granada to enjoy our guided tours.
Our tour and guided visits in Granada can be done by walk, on segway or in different means of transport, and are perfectly designed and verified with our customers. Our guides have official qualifications and, in addition, they perfectly understand the philosophy and empathy that has led us to number 1 on TripAdvisor.

We believe that if you create a good relationship between our guides and our travellers the experience will be better and the memories of your activity in Granada or any other destination will remain of you longer. We do alternative tourism, we want to leave the crowded and soulless tours and, in exchange, offer small groups, close treatment and unique activities outdoors, guided and always with the horizon of being respectful with the environment.

Other Activities

We do not want to stop recommending activities that have a special impact in Granada. For example the Hammam, which are the Arab baths, inherited from the Roman baths, seem to us indispensable if you want to make a stop on the way to relax and delve into that Arab custom. We also suggest 6-7-hour escapes to Sierra Nevada. On its northern, wilder side you can find a natural reserve, on the other hand, on the south side, known as the Alpujarra, a Moorish-looking region watered by meltwater.