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In these moments there is no tickets availability, please send us an email to telling us the date for which you would need your ticket and we will try to get entrances for all of you.. In case it is impossible to find tickets, we have designed an experience that aims to make you have an idea of how life would be like at the Nasrid court and we will visit the surroundings and other palaces closely related to the Alhambra.

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Visit the Alhambra with official guides from Granada Alternativa

Alhambra tickets and guided visits with one the official guides from Granada Alternativa. The Alhambra is the Crown’s Jewel of the city of Granada. A palatine city declared under the list of the World Heritage of the Unesco in 1984.  You can not miss the opportunity of seeing and enjoying it under the voice, the knowledge and the desire to please you of our guides.

There are a lot of mysteries under the wall of the city, which were made with the same clay of this land, that’s why the colour of the fortress (Al-Hamra means “The Red One” in Arabic). Many stories about conspiracies and betrays between the possible Nasrid heirs, which made of these palaces truly containers of legends and human passions, which it’s still today attracting many visitors to Granada.

The Alhambra is one of the most visited monuments in Europe. This, plus the obvious access restrictions due to conservation issues, make it difficult to get tickets to come inside the palaces. To avoid surprises, it is highly recommended to book in advance your tickets as soon as possible.

Alhambra tickets and guided visits

Book with us your ticket for the Alhambra Palaces or even if you have yours with you, and you want to hire the services of one of our official guides, to make your visit to the Alhambra a unique experience.

The palatine city of the Alhambra is from muslim origin and became the official residence of the Nasrid Royal family. The Moorish kingdom of Granada was the last Islamic kingdom in the Iberian peninsula after the conquest of the Catholic Kings. Apparently, from outside, due to the austerity of the building, it could be thought of the Alhambra as another Moorish fortress. Nevertheless, it accumulate the greater level of detail, decoration and, simply, perfection never ever reached in the Islamic world.

The Alhambra is a one of a kind example of how light and water offer great decorative effects in the architecture art. A carefully election of the fabric make the ornamentation changing along the day because of the incidence angle of the light. Water works as a mirror, reflecting the buildings and the decorative elements, contributing to create a feeling of peace all over the place. Besides, in combination with light, make illusory compositions and soften the horizontal architecture, as you can see in the Patio of the Myrtles. 

We can tell the story until here. Our official guides will complete the rest of it when you visit the eighth wonder of the world.

Don' you worry if you don't get tickets to the Alhambra!

If you don't get tickets to the Alhambra, please contact us as soon as posible, so we'll try to manage to get your tickets. If we are not able to get tickets, we offer you the possibility of one our best experiences, the Alhambra Surroundings, in which you could get to know the surroundings of the Alhambra, to visit a typical Nasrid garden and viewpoints. We would see jewels of the glorious time of the Muslims in the city and we will visit some palaces in which part of the Nasrid Palaces were inspired.

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What is included

  • Guided visit with official guide
  • Nasrid Palaces, Generalife and Alcazaba
  • Liability insurance
  • Hanky for your emotional tears
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